Casting the First Tweet – On Becoming, and When a Friend Stumbles

” Let only she who is without a lesson yet to learn cast the first Tweet.” Anne Lamott’s Tweet regarding Caitlynn Jenner was hurtful to many people, but how do I respond to it? How do I even think clearly about the entire, I can’t say “issue” because my transwomen sisters are people, not issues. Karen Kallmaker has written the most clarifying blog I have seen to date on this incident. I share it with you in hopes that it stimulates your thoughts and the entire conversation.

Romance and Chocolate

Keep Calm and Love On Poster

When I decide to do something the hard way I like to have a good reason. Wiring the home network with spare ports and power means adding peripherals is easier in the long run. Developing a character with a researched career and life history means smoother first drafting and a more complex book that readers like better. If there’s no good reason to do it the hard way, I can be as lazy as the day is long.

I can’t pinpoint the moment in time when I realized that I was making my life harder for no good reason by holding onto old ideas about gender. People talk about evolution in their thinking, but it wasn’t like that at all. One day I was making a lot of internal noise in my head and the next it all went away. Like a math problem, my brain simplified terms.

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