The Village People: How A Group of Lesbian Moms Raised A Bunch of Great Kids

A great post on how some friends who were lesbian raised kids in the 80’s and after, with chosen family support. It does take a village! And successful efforts raise successful children!

Do I Look Like A Writer in This?

2015familyday403How do you know you’ve done a good thing as a parent?  Well, one indicator is when your adult son, who just became a father himself, tells you that he wants to create a group of parents with kids his daughter’s age.

“You know, like you all did, Mom.”

These days, he and his wife have the convenience of the Meet Up site to aid them in their search.  In 1985 in Boston, we had Lesbians Choosing Children, a homegrown group that met at the Women’s Center.  It was from that group that I found the lesbian moms who would become my closest friends, really my chosen family, as we all proceeded to raise our children—separately and together—over the next 30 years.

We’d heard this could be done.  Lesbians in San Francisco had started to have children a few years before.  Each of us knew at least one family where…

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