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Ona Marae is a writer in a long line of creative women. She lives in Denver, Colorado, near her beloved Rocky Mountains, where she and her fiancé spend as much time as possible. She writes fiction (including novels and short stories), creative non-fiction (including articles and essays) and poetry. She began writing in high school, publishing in the lesbian newspapers in Denver in the 1990’s, and then focusing on short stories and creative non-fiction essays. Her topics are as far ranging as spirituality, domestic violence, and disability rights activism. She is a lesbian and deals with many LGBT themes, but her work is not limited to that genre. She does, however, love reading or writing a good Lesbian Romance. This is her first full-length novel. She tries to live every day considering Mary Oliver’s question “Tell me, what is it you plan to do with this one wild and precious life?” She challenges you to do the same.

Some of her work has been featured in Written Dreams (Brisk Press: 2018), 25 for 25: An Anthology Of Works By 25 Outstanding Contemporary LGBT Authors And Those They Inspired (Lambda Literary Foundation ebook:2013), Letters to my Bully (Glover Lane Press:2012); Women on Poetry: Writing, Revising, Publishing and Teaching (McFarland:2012); Contemporary American Women: Our Defining Passages (All Things That Matter Press, 2009), Best Date Ever: True Stories That Celebrate Lesbian Relationships (Alyson, 2007); Hot Flashes 2: More Sexy Little Stories & Poems (Left Coast Writers, 2007); and others.

Her debut novel is Gum for Gracie from Flashpoint Publications in July 2018.

Gracie what our families believed

She is always open to new ideas and calls for submissions. If you have a suggestion for her writing or a call for submissions you think she might be interested in, feel free to contact her.

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