Current Events

Gold Crown Literary Society

July 2014 found me in Portland, Oregon at the Golden Crown Literary Society’s tenth annual convention. The GCLS is the literary society founded for and by lesbian authors, readers, editors, and publishers. Here I am with Ann Bannon, the foremother of lesbian fiction publishing today, and Katherine V. Forrest, another trailblazer and author of Curious Wine, the most popular lesbian novel of all time.

Picture of Ona Marae with Ann Bannon

Ona Marae with Ann Bannon

Picture of Ona Marae with Katherine V. Forrest

Ona Marae with Katherine V. Forrest

Telluride, Aspen, and reading…heaven!

In 2012, Ona spent a week in Aspen, Colorado at the Aspen Summer Words Writers’ Retreat and Literary Festival.  She was accepted to a juried fiction workshop and studied with Mona Simpson, author of “My Hollywood.”  Her workshop included ten students from  nearby neighbors to a woman from Amsterdam!  There is something special about ending your day sitting on a balcony reading a book looking out at Telluride or Aspen or any of the beautiful mountain sites Ona loves to visit.  Perhaps the only thing better is to sit out on a balcony in Telluride or Aspen and write instead of read!

Picture of the Elk Mountains

The Elk Mountains

Picture of the San Juan Mountains

The San Juan Mountains

2011 Writers’ Retreat for Emerging LGBT  Voices

Ona was accepted to the competitive 2011 Writers’ Retreat for Emerging LGBT Voices, which is held by the Lambda Literary Foundation in August on the ULCA campus.  She got to study with Katherine V. Forrest for a week in the genre fiction section.  It felt a little like “Country Mouse goes to UCLA” but she was reassured by her instructor and classmates that she had the talent to be there.  That helped more than she can tell you!

She is currently working on the novel that she workshopped at those two events, hoping to have it submitted to her favorite publisher by this fall. But if she’s learned anything it’s that getting it right is her first priority!

Picture of the members of the 2011 Genre Fiction Class

Genre Fiction Class 2011



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