Ona Marae


What do her teachers and editors say?

“Compelling themes, deeply conflicted characters, and striking imagery give Ona’s fiction emotional impact that resonates across genre lines. Her pages turn, but never at the expense of character development and literary flair.  Her work is deeply affecting and a pleasure to read.” 

Douglas Kurtz, Instructor, Lighthouse Writers, Denver, CO


“Ona Marae’s stories are told with authenticity, honesty, and come straight from the heart.” 

-Katherine V. Forrest,   Editorial Supervisor, Spinsters Ink.


“Ona Marae’s voice as a writer is as original as it is unique.  Her stories are an important and particularly sacred part of humanity’s literary fabric.” 

-Ifalade Ta’Shia Asanti, Writer, Journalist, and Editor, Letters to My Bully Anthology



panorama guanella pass 30 sept 17

(Guanella Pass, CO)


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