What If They Believed Us

Image of sunflower field in bennettAre you searching for…something?

Do you wonder what like would be like, could be like, if our families had believed us?

How does your imagination play that out?

What does that look like to you?

Some might prefer a movie.

Others might desire a personal testimony.

Many, however, might be open to a book, a book you could hold tightly and reread.

But what kind of book?

Gum for Gracie Cover Website

Gum for Gracie:

In the summer of 1974, Bobbie Rossi’s life is near perfect. She’s twenty-eight, has a teaching position at a junior college, a new lesbian lover, and a family she adores. There is only one problem. Her twin sister and her nieces live on the other side of Kansas with a man who is abusive, a man who absolutely hates his wife’s twin and will do anything to prove that hatred.

In trying to help her sister and nieces escape the abuse, Bobbie sets into motion an explosive emotional prairie fire, with Bobbie’s young niece, Gracie, caught in its direct path.

Now, in the aftermath, will working through the abuse of a family, and the guilt spawned by the assault of young Gracie, destroy the life that Bobbie has created? Or will it weave three women and three young girls together in a new family as only love and fire can?

Gum for Gracie is, in a way, a fantasy novel. While not a traditional literary fantasy, it is the fantasy that our families heard and believed us, then moved heaven and earth to get us what we needed to succeed in a world that tried to break us down. Gum for Gracie is a victory story for the survivor in all of us.

From Katherine V. Forrest, author of Curious Wine and the Kate Delafield mystery series:  “Caught in a crucible of guilt and recrimination, three women unite in mutual determination to heal gravely damaged ten-year-old Gracie in this unforgettable, deeply affecting, tangibly real story of love, courage, family, and redemption.”

Gum for Gracie is available on July 1st at retailers everywhere. (Available early June for pre-order online, Bella, Tattered Cover, and Amazon.)




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Author Bio: Ona Marae is a writer in a long line of creative women. She lives in Denver, Colorado, near her beloved Rocky Mountains, where she and her fiancé spend as much time as possible. She began writing in high school, publishing in the lesbian newspapers in Denver in the 1990’s, and then focusing on short stories and creative non-fiction essays. This is her first full-length novel. She tries to live every day considering Mary Oliver’s question “Tell me, what is it you plan to do with this one wild and precious life?” She challenges you to do the same.


Additional Info on Author’s Background Relevant To This Book: Ona Marae is a survivor of childhood sexual abuse. While this story is not a historical, factual account of her childhood, she believes there is a truth greater-than-fact in story, and this story tells the truth of her childhood.

Finding Gum for Gracie:

CATEGORIES: General Fiction. Lesbian Fiction. Sexual Abuse Survivor Fiction.

ISBN: Print: 978-1-949096-00-2   eBook: 978-1-949096-01-9

PRICE: Print $19.95   eBook $9.95

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