2022: A Night on the Town

Art Show at the Space Gallery, Denver, Colorado USA, 2018 or 2019

The last time I had a night on the town was in 2018. Or was it 2019? I have pandemic brain and can’t remember and, in true pandemic fashion, am too blah to be bothered to do major research to find out! What I do know is t his…It was a loooooong time ago! It was an art show and fundraiser I was in, held in an actual art gallery on Santa Fe Drive in the art district of Denver. It was so exciting and I looked good! The photograph above is a selfie taken by my writer and photographer friend, Michele Rios Petrelli. Isn’t it wild that a selfie should look so good? But again, that was a long time ago and she is a damned good photographer!

I am going out tonight, with the same friend and two other women from my writer’s group. I’ll try to have new photos of us all for later reports! We are going to go see Anne Lamott in the Paramount Theater in Downtown Denver. And we are having dinner before. It’s almost like the pandemic didn’t happen. Okay, it did but for just a moment tonight, I’m going to close my eyes and pretend. You can pretend with me!

I also want to announce that I have started a newsletter on Substack.com. It’s at onamarae.substack.com and I will be posting there weekly, usually on Fridays. It’s called “The Other Side with Ona.” Sound familiar? I will link those posts here, or if possible, just copy them. (I’m not sure if that’s legal yet, so I’ll just link for now.) I would love it if you would check it out and sign up for the in your mailbox weekly (I Hope!) newsletter. I’ll attach the link here now.

Thanks for listening and sorry I dropped the blog for a year. Weird year, but we are coming out of it…kind of!


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