Sorry I’ve left you hanging…

I apologize! It’s been a full month today since I posted and what a terrible time to go a month without posting. My book comes out in three days! Oh. My. Word. All I can say is, I’m not managing the combination of heat, extreme business, and grief well. I’m sorry.

It’s been warm and getting warmer in Denver. Tomorrow I’m scheduled to leave the house for the first time at 4 pm, right about the time we hit 102*. Not sure that will happen. But it really needs to…currently, menopause and fibromyalgia are playing leapfrog with the temperature to give me the full-blown experience of summer and I’m not sure my nervous system is having it. I’m trying to play it lowkey so I’m up for my trip, but…

Speaking of the trip, I will be attending the GCLS Convention in Las Vegas, July 2nd through the 8th. If you are there, look me up! I will be taking in a ventriloquist show, a Ferris wheel and fireworks beyond the regular convention because my fiance is attending this year and I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I am about that. My two worlds are about to collide and my homelife will meet my writing peeps! We will launch Flashpoint Publications and get my book out there in the public eye, maybe even selling a copy or two. (Grin) Between this and the promotional work here at home for my book, my book launch party, and the reading at the Tattered Cover, I have been in it up to my eyebrows daily. Not kidding.

And finally grief. A dearly beloved friend died this last week after a long journey in home hospice. While it was good to be on the journey with her and her wife and I would not have traded it for anything, it was exhausting in an emotional way. I pulled slightly away from a lot of people and things that are important to me, just to give myself room to be reminiscent and sad and to grieve her loss while focusing on her life. We raised enough money to build a tiny home in the women’s village in her name BEFORE she died and she knew it. I’m so glad it was while she could know it. She was a champion for justice. My life will be all the richer and my championing of justice all the fuller for having known her.

So I will try to post more tomorrow about my book and will be back again AFTER the book launch and the trip to VEGAS to tell you about both. My best to you all and my reminder: tell the people you love that you love them. And tell the people you barely meet that you have love for them, too, if it’s true. You never know who needs to hear it.

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