What This Photo Means To Me

Dear Katherine V. Forrest,

Thank you for letting me taking your picture…again.

One of my classmates took this photograph after your last panel. She thought you might like a copy since it shows you as teacher/mentor more than speaker/star. We got the feeling that this was a role you enjoyed.

This photo means more than just a souvenir to me; it is more than a “Look at me up close and personal with someone important!” picture. It reminds me of direction and connection. When I work alone in a corner of my tiny apartment, this memory gives me direction–it reminds me why I work–as well as validation that someone who truly knows her stuff said that my stories might move women someday if I keep working. It also gives me a sense of connection. Your photo is not just of you. It represents the community of writers I enter, a reminder that I never truly work alone.

Thank you for your gracious willingness to stand with all of us for photos. We treasure this visual record of our entry into and the creation of our own herstory. Perhaps someday with hard work and a little luck, a novice writer will hound my footsteps, and I will remember my photos with you and Lee and Sandra, and be glad to grant her request.

Congratulations on your award and peace on your summer.


KVF signs my book

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