Whose Day Did You Ruin?

I take great pride in calling the wise woman who is the author of this blog a friend. She has taught me so much, and I have yet to take the classes. But I will. Because I know what she is talking about and live it. I’m grateful that she takes her immense talent for writing to express the pain so many of us feel, and the hope that we can transcend that pain…at least sometimes. And maybe even more than that. Read on, friends.

Finnian Burnett

beth in leggings

My partner bought this dress/top for me right before we went on a cruise and I wore it on our special date night with a pair of black leggings and some white slip on sandals. It was perfect for a cruise and we both got a kick out of the dress, the way it fit, the way the bottom swings when I twirl, the colors in it, and the way she instinctively knew how perfect it would be for me.

When my friend Yvonne asked me to go to a showing of The Sound of Music tonight, I was definitely up for it. We both adore The Sound of Music and she found a group that was showing it on a big screen, complete with audience sing along and some people in costumes. It was a fun, unique event and I wanted to look cute so I picked this adorable dress…

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