It’s Okay to Be Sad. It Really is.

I didn’t know this would be my first blog of the year, but it is so good, I cannot let it pass me by. It is always okay to be sad, to be however you are. Your feelings are valid. How you act on them may or may not be effective…but feelings are just that, feelings. Thank you for this lovely post and let’s start the year with this reminder:

john pavlovitz


I hope more of your posts are positive. Is “stuff that needs to be said,” always negative or sad? Life is not a veil of tears and then you die. Just my two cents.”

This comment came in to the blog yesterday, and my knee-jerk response was to inform the author that these posts are not required reading for her; that they are optional endeavors and that she would be well within her rights to steer clear of the writing should she find it depressing or morose or unhelpful.

But after reading her words a few more times, her sentiments became more and more offensive and more and more abrasive to my heart. As someone who has battled severe depression for decades, I recognized them as words I’ve heard hundreds of times before, in more or less carefully couched ways:

“Get over it.”
“Cheer up, life’s too short!”
“Many people have…

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