“You’re Hurting Her!” A Story of Consent in the Santa Line

Consent is an important concept to learn and it is easiest to learn when it begins with your children. This is not to say adults cannot learn to respect consent…they can and must. But perhaps this child’s experience can give us some insight into how it might work.

The Consent Crew

This story was shared by a friend, and is about his seven year old son, Sage, and is shared with their enthusiastic consent.
We had wanted to use a photo of Sage with Santa to accompany this sharing, but as the young gentleman pointed out, we didn’t have Santa’s consent to share his image. Sage would also like you to know that he does not hit people often, and does not approve of violence. 

So, my son and I are at the mall, waiting for pictures with Santa. He starts chatting with a boy, and discovers they’re the same age. The boy is a bit obnoxious, so my son decides to play with the toddler behind us, instead. I will hereafter refer to the kid in front as “OB.”

The line moves at the usual snail’s pace. I hear “Hey!” and turn to see a young girl giving OB a…

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