Sensible Shoes

There is an old joke that “Lesbians are women in sensible shoes.” Many old jokes contain a grain of truth in them, of course they may also contain a load of cr*p, as well.  I’ll leave you to ponder the amount of truth in this joke, but I wanted to show you a blog I posted three weeks ago on another blog, “Women & Words”, which is an AWESOME blog run by Jove Belle and Andi Marquette and a handful of other regular monthly bloggers. If you’ve never glanced at it, you ought to look it up and take a run through the recent posts.  Also, in honor of the holidays, they have a HOOTENANY every year: 12 days of giving away lesbian print and ebooks and other swag to readers who just make a comment on that day. It’s a great blog about, what else, women and words.

But back to my recent guest post there, Autumn had just begun in Colorado and I posted on Sensible Shoes which you can read HERE. I hope you’ll check out my blog  there and the other fantastic writers they showcase and enjoy what quality words they produce every week!

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