Happy Bisexual Awareness Week

According to an article in Autostraddle, Bisexuals make up more than 50% of the LGB community. That number amazes me although, after thinking about it and what I know about the Kinsey scale, it probably shouldn’t. Yet it remains the least known community within our collection of communities under the LGBTQAI umbrella.  I found this article that gives ideas on five ways to celebrate Bisexual Awareness Week and wanted to share it with you. You can read it HERE    I will not pretend to be an expert on Bisexuality. What I do know well is the bi-phobia I have seen in my own women’s community. In the early days of the Lesbian Feminist Movement, the argument was that bisexual women were “coming into the lesbian community, stealing our energy, and then going back to the safety of their husbands and marriages.” While I haven’t heard that particular myth in a while, I certainly do hear dismissive statements like, “They just can’t make up their minds.” or “It’s just a pit stop on the road to coming out fully.”  In my own lesbian fiction community in the last few weeks there has been a huge stink started by lesbians who didn’t think real lesbians should read lesfic written by bisexual women. I was proud to see the majority of that particular community come to the defense of bisexual women and identity. Some even  had creative writeresque ways of telling the bi-phobic complainers to, well, go away. It is good to finally see the lesbian community in some significant degree realizing that bisexual women are not our enemies. I am not ignoring the immense amount of work and education and coalition building still to be done. I am just glad to see the beginning getting off the ground.  I welcome your respectful comments and dialogue. So with that, I wish you a Happy Bisexual Awareness Week.

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