Almost there!

I’ve been working on my site with a quite talented woman who is developing a business of website building and we are almost done! (I’ve had some work issues and other delays from the time of my first post until now.) I am thrilled with what she has done and how easy she has been to work with, a huge plus. We should finish up next week and then I’ll start publicizing the website address and  you, my new readers, will find this post and see how exciting this whole process has been. I highly recommend choosing a website creator and host who is creative in other arenas besides the web (mine is a writer) and can understand the artist’s mind from more than one angle. Experience is gained and particular questions can be researched, but understanding the creative mind and being easy to work with are irreplaceable! I can’t wait to show this to my friends, so far all of my comments have been from spambots. Somehow they always manage to find you…

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